This Devastating Funny or Die Video Uses United Airlines’ Own Words to Make Brutal Satire

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In this new Funny or Die video, a classic strategy is implemented to truly savage effect: Use their own words against them. Here, the exact, calming voiceover of the United Airlines’ popular 2013 ad “Flyer-Friendly” is replayed, without any edit, against that horrifying viral video of a passenger being literally dragged off a United plane. “Every thought, every movement, carefully coordinated and synchronized,” we hear, as we watch the victim scream and those around him shriek in confusion. “Performing together with a single United purpose: That’s what makes the world’s leading airline flyer-friendly.” Oof.


The video, at a tight but targeted 30 seconds, manages to put United in an even worse, nastier light—no small feat. It spins that standard, smiley corporate culture script with devastating precision, revealing its hollowness via the presentation of company policy gone badly, violently awry. And that “flyer-friendly” slogan is just too perfect. At this point, not even those most sympathetic to United in this PR calamity should be able to defend that one.


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