Introducing the “Freshen Up Roll Up!”

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So I guess this is the first true “travel hack” post for me. Once I get rolling on more travel later in the year  – expect a helluva lot more. Monday I’ll be boarding American Flight 280 from Dallas to Seoul. That’s a 14 hour block time. The saving grace for that long of a flight is that I’m not in Economy. Mainly because I’m on the ground for only 26 hours, then straight back. So 28 hours in Premium Economy – a new product for American Airlines with only 26 on the ground. This will also be an epic mileage run! 

My blog – what I want to achieve here – is to educate people as well as inspire them to get out and travel. The worst part (in our minds) is the airline and the ride there. The expense, the crappy meals, no sleep, etc. I say screw that – if you put a little effort into some things like searching for airfare deals in a higher cabin class, listening to people who have done this before getting your travel hacks from the source and finally – create an experience for yourself – the journey is just as awesome as the destination. 

For me I’m a sucker for products, amenity kits and comfy items around me on the plane. I always take this awesome organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt to sleep in and then change out of later. I always take candy or really cool sweets for the cabin crew. (More on that later but this is key!) I always make my own amenity kit especially if I’m in a cabin that doesn’t offer anything. However even flying International First Class – I’ll make my own kit thank you very much!

Here’s a pic of the current kit I’m using. It’s from Japan Airlines (get ’em on eBay) and is a great bag to have everything at your seat.


The bag above contains eye shades, a hydrating medical type face mask, Aveda hand lotion, headphones, charger cable, etc. It’s literally the only thing you need to have with you at your seat and everything is at your fingertips. There will be another several posts about making your own amenity kit, I even plan on creating some for sale but this post is all bout the “Freshen Up Roll Up!” as I’ve named it (for this blog.) To me its always been known as the underwear roll up but I think the above is a better name.

So 13 hours into a 14 hour flight – we would all feel disgusting, right? YUP. 

I always set a personal alarm for 2 hours out of landing. Oh and if you bring good treats to the cabin crew – they will make sure you are up! I’ve even had one make sure there was a free restroom for me when waking me up. The reason for this is two fold. One, typically the second and final meal will be served 1.5 hours out. So you are up early and don’t miss out. Also when this service starts – there is a mad rush to the lavs – you’ll be skipping that thank you very much.

At that 2hour out point. I wake up, grab my messenger bag out of the overhead bin, my in seat amenity kit and hit the restroom. Time to change the under layer! The idea is simple. Take a fresh pair of undies, socks (really treat yourself and buy a cheap new pair) and undershirt to replace the ones you’ve now had on for what seems like a year. Add in things like dry shampoo, face wipes, body wipes, deodorant and a dental kit and you have a shower roll up.

For this flight I took some cheap plastic travel pots from Amazon and put some powder in one, dry shampoo in the other. I added a small deodorant, some hand wipes, Dude Wipes (my fave!) and a special cloth you can wet and wash your face off with. All of this rolled up inside of my fresh shirt, undies and socks.

Here’s some photos on the assembly and storage.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You grab this wonderfully compact item and your amenity kit – then head to the restroom for your first lesson as a contortionist. Seriously you should look for the larger bathrooms that are usually on one side of an aircraft – you’ll need it.

The idea is strip down, wipe down, reapply fresh under layer and finally get dressed again. For ladies just add whatever makeup you use and something with a smell you love. I know it sounds like a pain but TRUST ME you’ll feel better, you throw everything away before you leave the bathroom, and I do mean everything. (Hence cheap shirts and socks, etc.) and you’ll breeze through Customs feeling great until you can get to your hotel and take a hot shower. Hell I would even say if done right you could go the whole day in a new city before you feel properly gross again.  #PaxEx

So what do you guys think?

Will you try this on your next long haul trip?

Would you like to see sales of custom amenity kits?

Leave me a message in the comments below!

Always be flying! -Tre


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