Tune in Tokyo, Hello Tokyo…Again!

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So Seoul was a bust. Ground stops, re-routes, two trips to the airport and ending in just cancelling and walking away. Weirdest 3 days of my life.

With a bit of luck and good planning (throw in feeling cathartic too) and we have a new travel plan. New Orleans to Tokyo via a night in Los Angeles on (FINALLY) American Airlines Premium Economy. The one good thing about the failed Seoul turn – enough miles to book Japan Airlines on the return, via Dallas in Business. A new airline!

I think I’m turning Japanese. This is the second trip this year. What can I say…it’s the food and the booze!

I’ll be posting about my custom amenity kits, treats for the crew and lots more in the coming weeks before departure. After – we are going to combine both 2017 Tokyo trips into one mega report! Everything from Economy, Premium, and Business. For now, here are some photos to highlight this upcoming experience. #AvGeek #PaxEx

american shows off 787-9 pr
American Premo Eco 787

Bulkhead row (best) of American Premo Eco

Incredible light and bright cabin. JAL Business Suite

Japan Airlines mini-Suite in Business on 787-9

Stay tuned! Arigatogozaumasu!



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