Japan, Boeing 787 and Solo Travel

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One more week until the second trip to Japan this year. This time it’s all about Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Tea ceremonies, Tjuski fish market, Imperial Gardens and the best Kaiseki dinner I could find are just a few things on my list of things to do.

The last trip, for the Cherry blossom festivities, was a trip that I took with a travel companion. Not. This. Time. I learned from the last trip that for me, Tokyo and Japan are best explored on your own. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a lot of fun experiencing a magical place with another person but that all depends on who you travel with. This trip I’m not held back by anyone and their schedule. This is all about me. I need to clear my head and make some changes in life – and when I feel that way – nothing better than putting yourself out there and wandering around places you’ve never been before. Even the language barrier isn’t going to slow me down. (Mainly because I’ve been learning some Japanese and I always use the flight time to study!) I highly suggest to everyone who reads my blog to take a trip – road trip or across the world – by yourself. Don’t overwhelm yourself with things to do and don’t get down when inevitably you spend an entire day in bed! It’s worth it and I’m willing to bet that you’ll want to travel alone more and more.

It really is good for the soul and helping to clear your mind and make decisions. Also I’ve found you are more likely to meet locals and socialize more – win win!

I’m super excited that my entire trip will be on the 787! A first for this aircraft for me.

American Airlines Boeing 787

My routing is as follows:
Delta MSY-LAX in First on Airbus A-319 : LAX-NRT in Prem. Economy on American 787-9

Return is Japan Airlines Business on the 787-8 NRT-DFW and then we go old school – DFW-MSY on the MD-82. (These are older aircraft that will be retired very soon.)

Much like Japan these flights are a mix of the super new and old. Japan always has an eye toward the future, while always respecting its past. This will be the theme of my trip report.

Stay tuned for trip reports and lots of video of the flight and service. -Tre


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