Travel right. 

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In the era of bag fees and ridiculous amounts of carry ons. I beg you. Find a credit card or status with an airline that allows you to check bags. Or book first class and get two for free. I’m sitting on a flight from ATL to LAX and the amount of crap people bring to save a couple bucks has delayed our flight. All because people bring everything plus the kitchen sink, kids toys etc etc. 

There are two types of fliers. Experienced and not. Guess which one brings everything they own. 

I’ll even be happy to help you find something to mitigate this. I have an Amex for Delta that I rarely use except for the checked bag and early boarding. (I’m not a fan of signing up for credit cards just for miles.) 

Get on. Put you bag away. Sit down and shut up! 

Rant over. I’ll be better once I get to LA and get some In N Out and then a good nights sleep in LA before Tokyo tomorrow. 

Happy travels! -Tré


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