Life overhaul via travel. 

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It’s high time to make some changes. Friends. Family relationships. Location. Job. Health and well being. The whole lot. 

I’m sitting on an amazing train – the Nozomi Super to Kyoto to wander the back alleys, see the bamboo forrest and try a traditional tea ceremony. Just passed Mt. Fuji and something struck me – I’m going about things all wrong. This is what travel should to force you think about. It’s an awakening of the mind and spirit. 

Let’s start with friends. I don’t have many! The ones I do have, I tend to be a follower wherein normally I’m a leader. I’m surrounding myself with negativity and shady people. That stops today. People will be blocked and I’ll move on. Sure, they will get angry and in the gay community I’m sure I’ll be shunned or spoken of negatively behind my back. However, who cares – those bad apples are out of my life as of this moment. It would be nice to meet new people and have a solid social group but alas, I feel that means a move out of the south and possibly out of the US. (Politics right now in the US don’t help.) Take for instance in Tokyo – I’ve already met two people that I feel closer to than people I’ve known for years. Hi Masa! We ate we drank we laughed – it’s been a blast and there are still days to go. Hey – if any readers are interested in connecting and collaborating – even better! Maybe I should start there. 

I love my family dearly but most of the time I feel like they really don’t know who I am, what I’m about or what makes me tick. There is this weird idea on my part that I have to act a certain way to please them instead of being myself, so some of that is on me. Even with travel there are many family members that don’t understand the why or the value in travel. They view it as a hassle, or something you do for business, etc. I have a few members of my family that travel but I’m not as close to them as I should be. 

I love my job(s) – I know it doesn’t look great on a resume working for my father – but for all my life I never really saw what he does and how he manages being an awesome lawyer. Now that I help run his solo practice, I’ve learned so much over the years that I look back and wish I had gone into law. It would have been rough but he’s made a great life for himself (except when his kids cost him money and heart ache) allowing himself time to do things he loves on the side. I would like to see him travel with me some – I think he would really enjoy it, plus it’s a tax deduction in many cases! 🙂 I’m glad I left the world of Apple and tech to come work for him – I just wish our offices where in a better city! Plus – he’s super supportive of me despite my constant screw ups. That helps! However I think it’s time to start thinking long term, or just think about what makes me happy. I’d love to teach English in Japan or maybe something aviation related. Hell, if I could just blog and travel all the time I’d achieve happiness in my work life. Who knows what’s to come but it’s time to start thinking, planning and executing those ideas. 

I feel so insecure about my body and my looks sometime I forget that I’m actually pretty awesome! Being gay is so damn hard sometimes as you’re expected to have pecs, an eight pack, a great tan and a gigantic….you know what. I’ve shunned working out because I always felt pressured to do it for someone else, not myself. As I get older though I realize that it is all about me – not what people view me as. If I get those nice body parts – GREAT – if not, I’ll feel better and maybe my anxiety will go down. Whenever I travel to Japan and meet people here – they eat healthy and make time to exercise despite the crazy life and hours they lead. If they can do it, then I sure can since I don’t work 12 hour days. I just need to find the right motivation to do it everyday without excuses. Maybe start with yoga for balance and move up to lifting eventually. 🙂 

Almost to Nagoya on the train so time for a brief nap before arriving in Kyoto. It feels good to write this down and post for the world to see. 

I’d love to hear from some of my followers in the comment section – I value your opinions and thoughts. 

Proof that travel – no matter how you achieve it – is truly good for the soul. 

Have a great Labor Day in the US and stay tuned for some great reports on my future travels and reports on airlines. – Tré



  1. And your Father loves having you work with him and loves you unconditionally. Figure out what makes you happy and do it. That’s what matters. The rest is all insignificant.

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