JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo Narita

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Let me first start by saying that Narita airport is huge and daunting to the non-experienced traveler. I would suggest for most people to fly into Tokyo Haneda Airport as it’s closer to the city. That being said, the Skyliner from Narita can put you on the Yamanote line in only 36 minutes. Beware if you have bags that you have to go up and down and escalators are scarce! I would suggest using a luggage service that are available all over Japan – more on that in the full trip report. 

Right now I have three hours to kill before heading to Dallas so I’m in the Sakura First Class lounge. If you’ve never flown Japan Airlines – do it! Even in Economy there is more legroom, better food and an award winning seat that you will pay only about 10 percent more than another airline. Great value for money and they codeshare with American to get you anywhere in the states. If you fly Premium Economy or up – you get access to the best lounges in the world. The food selection is amazing. Great staff and facilities to shower, freshen up and have your luggage and duty free hand carried to the aircraft for you. (I made sure to buy several boxes of Tokyo Bananas!)

I’m having my pre-departure ritual of champagne and dumplings before heading back – I ordered to Japanese meal which looks amazing so lots of pics to come. My new friend Masa even met me at the airport out of his way to say goodbye. The connections and friends you can make in Japan are surreal. My goal is clear after this trip – move to Japan and dive into the culture. First step – hire someone to teach me Japanese as I only know enough to get by…barely. 

Here are some pics of the lounge – jealous yet!? 🙂 





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