Airbus sticks it to Boeing, with a win for Mobile, AL.

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You can read all of the details below but I’ll give you the low down. Delta is very good at a lot of things. Negotiations and back room deals should be noted. Boeing was very nervous about the Bombardier CS100 – which Delta is ordering a lot of.

Boeing and “the government” put a 300%! tariff on the planes. This would set this awesome plane back years or kill it. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta was quoted as saying ” we will still take the jets but will not pay the tariff…” in an earnings call.

Not a week later you have Airbus buying major control on the plane and its program. With those resources, R&D and a final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama, (my home town!) they can easily sell this awesome plane to US carriers and get around Boeing being whiney about just the idea of not dominating a market.

Read more about the press release below:

Information on the CS Series aircraft:

High Res Photo of Delta CS100 – it’s a looker and actually built for a great #paxex!

Delta CS100


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