Hiya I’m Tré! I’m literally the definition of an AvGeek! I watched planes for hours taking off and landing when I was younger. I read aviation related websites all day. I worked as cabin crew for Northwest airlines after high school. (Got some great stories there!) I’ve been lucky to travel to more countries that I ever thought I would be able to visit. Jet fuel runs in blood.

I believe travel can do two things. One, with the right advice it doesn’t have to suck! We’ll get to more of that later in the blog. Two, travel is cathartic! It can help clear your mind, spark creativity, solve a problem or help you make a directional change in life. Those are just some of my experiences with travel – it’s endless!

However, I hear so many people say when it comes to purchasing travel – “I could spend that money better somewhere else!” I’m here to convince you that travel is worth every penny you spend and that you don’t have to spend a ton to get a great experience if you’re willing to do some research and listen to the experts. *Cough, that would be me*

I hope you enjoy what’s to come – I’m very excited to share everything from my domestic trips, my most recent week in Tokyo, the treehouse I stayed in while visiting Costa Rica and so much more.

-Tré, Chief AvGeek.

Central Park Sightseeing