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Condor Airlines Returning with Flights to Frankfurt, Germany in Summer 2018 – Press Room

I didn’t get a chance this season to fly Condor or Norwegian Air as planned, so I’m happy to see that not only is Condor returning to New Orleans to Frankfurt next year – the flight is much better timed for a connection in Europe. Condor had some amazing pricing on everything from Eco to […]


This is the part I always dread. Packing for an early flight tomorrow. Suddenly feel a bit depressed and anxious. Looking forward to getting home and seeing my pup yet at the same time I feel like there are about 100 things I wanted to do before leaving. It’s an odd feeling that I know […]


To the god of travel for safe passage. ⛩  Not literally but Kyoto is an amazing place. Slower than Tokyo of course, but an energetic enegmatic city. After a full day of climbing and offering prayers it’s time to relax, have some tea and get ready to get lost on the lantern lit back streets […]